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What Do You Think and Taste About Life

Hi bro, long time no see and talking with you. Wish you all in the good condition of life, with honest family and friends. Sorry for long time not comming here, at the blogosphere zone. As I remeber, my last write on this blog at December 2017, feel like one year we are not talking.

I don’t know why at this night before morning come, at 3.42 am I want to write some story of my mind. If you didn’t want to hear, just leave me alone because I don’t know what should be talking here. I thinking that this life is something big earth, but I’m alone on it. Sometimes, I feel that this earth is very crowded! It confusing me!!

this Step of Life we Know
this Step of Life we Know | source : internet

As I remember for long time ago, playing on the ground with friend, without thinking about what is life, just playing and fun, then come back home meet parent brother and sister, going sleep, dreaming something fun for tomorrow, all feel is happiness. Wake up at the morning, then going to school, learning something new, playing with friends, eating something delicious and all just walking like no problem happen.

Time after time, I grew up as a young man with many spirit and more friends I meet, playing something different, exploring this beautiful world, all my way of life look like so painted with more experience. I didn’t feel that time running so quickly.

All just happinese!

and this is cycle of life some other know
and this is cycle of life some other know | source : internet

What About Life Now?

Time like stuck want not run, or it just like running just a seconds. Many thinking at the brain like a politician, way of life, capitalism, the art of cold war, confrontation, you like me, you hate me, I do know what is that. Is it LIFE or dream? Where is the peace? Where is the freedom of life when you hear “you should like that…..” or some kind like “This is not good, let’s me so you the way!

Hmmm…. this is my life, why I should following other life? Why I should hear your voice? Is you God? I belief in Allah SWT, but why I should to be like this or like that? What a reason?

Why you not leaving me, so I can easily chose where should I go away? walking around this beautiful world with my lovely wife with our way, with our style.

No, isn’t about you but about people in general.

Where is the choice of life to be what you want, not what you should on your life. Is this life like a school program where you as the student and other people who didn’t know about your life as giving value?

lifeIf you read this sentence, please leave some word at the comment form bellow about life?

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